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We provide the clients with:

1- DSL BILL Payment

Pay your bill or recharge conveniently at any time!

2- ADSL Subscribe

Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line, or ADSL, is a type of DSL line that allows you to access the Internet at a much higher speed than your standard 56k modem (between 10 times and 40 times faster).

The service makes use of your existing telephone line, and enables voice and high-speed data to be sent simultaneously over the line:

• Instant access - no time wasted waiting for a modem to dial and connect
• Fixed charge no matter how much you use ADSL
• Sending and receiving e-mails with large file attachments is no longer a problem
• Download and upload large data files at high speed
• Run your own public mail and web server
• Enable remote offices or staff to access company data in real time through your mail and intranet servers via an always-on connection
• Quickly download the latest software drivers and updates from the Internet without worrying about online call charges

3-LinkDotNet Scratch Cards (For Limited Packages)

How to use?

Purchase LinkDotNet card from our shops, Scratch the card, Enter the pin code and the serial number in LINK card portal, Add the number of extra GB you want to purchase and Click on send.


Quota Expiration:

• GB’s from 20LE LINKCARD expires in 3 months.
• GB’s from 50LE LINKCARD expires in 6 months.
• GB’s from 100LE LINKCARD expires in 12 months.